Edit tag - add value

I shifted from a PC (Mp3tag) to a Mac. I am unable to add a photo here.

In short, I scanned an audio file which returned “title” with the artist name and song name, as well as length and some settings.

I am unable to add Artist, album, or sort, etc.

I am unable to edit the “minor_version” line to one of the above either.

How can I update these without additional editing software?


The tag editing works the same as on Windows. What exactly do you mean you are unable to add e.g. artist? I see you have the add/edit tag dialog open with artist already selected as tag name. Now you need to add a value (double click on the highlighted blue line, or click the Edit Value button), enter a value and afterwards click Save.

To edit a tag either double click on the value in the “New value” column or right click on the line and select Edit Tag to open the tag editor dialog again.

Most often instead of manually editing all tags you might instead want to load the data from MusicBrainz. See http://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/en/usage/retrieve.html


Since the track is still in the left pane, it looks like you haven’t scanned it yet (or maybe you did scan it, but it wasn’t recognised). Otherwise, it would be in the right pane.

BTW: To actually save the tag to the file, you have to save twice. First in the Edit tag window like the one in your screenshot. After you did this, you will see the edited tag in the bottom pane, with the values marked in green (if it’s a newly added tag) or yellow (if it’s a tag where the value was edited). Next, click save at the top of the window. This actually saves the tag to the file.

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In short, entering isn’t actually [ Save ] ing it. It’s a little quirky, but it’s not the only application that does that. It’s “what is in focus”, and Qt seems to do things a little bit ‘different’ and the native programming environment and the way objects behave.

You enter/select the tag, click down there in the blue, type in text, and figure Return will accept it and close the dialog.

Not with Qt5 based stuff on Mac OS X. If you click outside of that edit box, then the whole dialog is now the focal piece and that Return key will trigger the default option. In this case, [ Save ]

Qt5 … is … not a “cutie”. It makes me wanna scream :wink: Many times.

Behavior across it’s three platforms are not consistent. Linux & Windows are pretty much in parity, but Macintosh is not, and there are little snippets in the source code about how "Mac blah blah… different, something, whatever and this is why we don’t… "


At least it uses native objects and not that totally crappy look of Java based UI objects. Too bad it still kind of acts like it’s Java though.