Edit «hardcoded» featured artist "& Friends"?

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How can we edit this «hardcoded», standalone artist called “& Friends” on the following recording?


What do you want to change about it, and what have you tried that isn’t working?


I know that I can press the Edit-Button on the Edit-page for this recording.

But then? Should I just remove the text “& Friends”? Should I add a new artist “Les Paul & Friends”?
What is the usual way?

Or should I just leave it as it is (and ignore the technical glitch in the JSON result)?


So you are not asking a technical question about how it can be changed, but a style question about what it should be?

I don’t see what “technical glitch” there is in the WS output without an explanation, either.


I can’t say what you should do without knowing what you think should be changed. How should the artist be credited here in your opinion?


I don’t see a technical glitch in the JSON result, looks fine to me.

Also when this release was added http://www.mclub.com.ua/vcat.phtml?album=69199 was given as a source, which shows the artist credits as “Les Paul & Friends (Joss Stone & Sting)” just as we have it here.


It seems strange to use the joinphrase “& Friends” to describe that Joss Stone and Sting are Friends of Les Paul.
Or do you think “& Friends” are other unknown people in addition to Joss Stone and Sting?

I mean, whould you enter a joinphrase for Michael Jackson like “& his brothers” and add the other 4 Jackson names from the band “The Jackson 5”?

With “technical glitch” I try to describe that the joinphrase “& Friends” is used as some kind of prefix to the following artists. Why should someone enter “& Friends” and then enclose “(Joss Stone and Sting)” as single artists but in brackets? The meaning of this joinphrase is just not that obvious for me.


I agree.
But if the artist/label/whoever released the music wants to be strange, that’s up to them!
We just copy their credits (strange or normal) into the database, even if it hurts :scream:


I don’t know. They could have written “Les Paul with Joss Stone & Sting” or something. But that’s not us to decide, given the source is correct this is how the track is credited on the release. The whole idea behind MB’s artist credit system is to being able to exactly represent the way artists are credited while still being able to link the individual artists (instead if creating fake artists for each credit, as we had to do before the artist credits system).