Easy way to stop cover replacement

In my Picard settings I have ‘Album Archive’ enabled which usually comes in handy as it add the correct cover. But every now and then I am not satisfied with how the album cover looks that is going to be added, and there is no easy way to exclude the cover from being added , except going all the way to the settings.

Screenshot from 2021-05-20 14-34-29

Here is an example , where I would like to not have the cover overwritten. Is there an fast and easy way to do this?

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Two suggestions:

  1. If you want to keep the original version sometimes, you can right click the cover and choose “Keep original cover art”

  2. If you want e.g. never replace existing cover art you can enable the “Local cover art” provider and put it on top of the priority list. That requires that you store the cover art as a file and have one folder per album.