Easy link to IRC for bug report

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When I search “IRC” in Documentation I get a link that takes me to
which doesn’t work.

If I use link
I get there.

(I was in MusicBrainz trying to report a possible bug when I found the good link but I can’t find it’s source anymore.)


Where do you find this broken link, @mmirG?
IRC wiki page I found does link OK to https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=musicbrainz,metabrainz
Oh sorry I read that you can’t find it any more. :slight_smile:
Contact us page is OK as well.


When on Communication/IRC I left click on the link in The MusicBrainz community and support channel is #musicbrainz on irc.freenode.net
I get a “Launch Application” Window offering Mibbit. If I accept then IRC doesn’t work for #musicbrainz.

Same thing happens with link on “Contact us”.

Those links are

Somewhere else I found
which takes me to a working IRC.

I’m guessing that my unfamiliarity with IRC has something to do with this.
But I don’t seem to need to have a working knowledge of what an IRC client is to use the “webchat” link.


It’s a configuration problem on your side, then.
The first link is a correct IRC link (my Opera 12 browser will open its great integrated IRC client).
You have somewhere in your browser or OS settings the mibbit associated to the irc:// protocol.
You can change that if it’s not the right choice. :slight_smile:


As @jesus2099 says, IRC URIs are a thing:

Freenode’s webchat is linked some places, which is convenient for some, for others with an irc:// handler set up, it will be more convenient to click on the irc:// URI links. No shoe fits all.


Yes I can learn about IRC clients and then be able to use #musicbrainz

The current presentation of how to access #musicbrainz seems to be an unnecessary barrier which makes using #musicbrainz difficult for those of us who are less IT savy.

I am thinking that many of the highly valued MusicBrainz contributors really don’t have an accurate understanding of just how much more they know around IT than the average web-surfer Joeline or Joe.


I quite agree…
I also use the web based IRC.
It’s easier for newbies.
Actually, the link to the web based IRC is part of the first paragraph. My eye is caught by later paragraphs, maybe they are more fancy looking, don’t know…
I don’t have good idea how to rephrase the first paragraph so that newbies will be more inclined to find and know they should try the web based IRC link first.
As it’s a wiki, if you find a good text, please edit, @mmirG. I guess it’s OK. :slight_smile:


I always have to search for ages to find a working link to the web chat. https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=metabrainz is a lot easier than that Mibbit crap which doesn’t even work.

Have you made a bug report for this issue yet?


If a browser redirects to mibbit, it means that you have installed mibbit (I don’t know/remember what it is exactly, haven’t search).

  • If there is a mibbit link somewhere in the MB wiki, please edit it out right away, no need for bug report
  • If there is a mibbit link somewhere in https://musicbrainz.org please report a bug indeed, but I doubt there are any mibbit links. :slight_smile:


As @jesus2099 touched on, whatever bug you were trying to report, should be reported at http://tickets.musicbrainz.org - not on IRC. :slight_smile:

And as others have said, the wiki’s a wiki. Go ahead and edit if you believe something can be improved upon (aka, “WP:BB”). :wink:


Your statement is contary to the documentation that sent me to the IRC to report the bug.

I am trying to log in to the wiki to change articles IRC and Contact Us so that naive users are not mis-directed.
But so far the wiki log-in process is not working.


My view of this.

  1. This is not a bug issue.
  2. This is a documentation issue.
  3. There seems to be misundestandings at higher levels in MusicBrainz as to the current recommended ways of reporting bugs.

All that is needed to make the bug report system work as documented for naive users is for clear links to IRC to be provided that use a web-based client. To wit:


Interesting, where does it say to report bugs on IRC? The chat definitely is a good way to get into contact and often get answers quickly, but of course only if some users are actively online there. But bugs should ultimately be filed on tickets.musicbrainz.org.

It’s just like here on the forums: Of course you can report bugs here to discuss them with others,e.g. to be sure it is really a bug or how to workaround it. But at the end somebody should report it in the bug tracker to get it fixed by someone of the team.


You can report issues in our bug tracker, or let us know on IRC or by email.

I really don’t have enough knowldge to be able to ID a bug. I will usually mis-interpret something that doesn’t work as I hope - see example thread Search box in top right of MB page - “Artist” only


Who do I contact to get an “easy IRC link” put into IRC section of
Contact Us
(It’s not wiki)

(I have edited wiki: Communication/IRC to make the “easy IRC link” obvious. )


I’ve made a pull request against metabrainz.org to add a webchat link: