EAC development is still active

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EAC development is still active…



Well, it’s more a crawling :wink:

Since there was a tweed on Jan. 19 (this year; more than one year after the previous tweed) we see it’s not dead. :partying_face:

P.S.: The beta phase seems to be quite long …

A new version is released:


“Additionally the freedb++ has been converted to a MusicBrainz plugin” !


Sorry in advance if I’m derailing this topic, but this is excellent news.
I got a new PC in October and was hesitant to install EAC on it for this reason (I thought it had been sunsetted or otherwise abandoned). There are a few CDs in my collection that I’ve been unable to rip because my USB SuperDrive + XLD combo couldn’t rip them (some it could barely read at all), so I held onto them and figured I’d give them another go on a PC. Looks like I can do that now! Wish me luck…


In visiting the above link, it is easy to mistakenly download “trial then purchase” options. I found some of these a little intrusive while “trying” them. I have removed them. Just saying. While the old EAC seems dormant, It does what I need. If you have had better results please post as I may have made a mistake.

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Never be worried by “old” software. Something like EAC is a quality tool that works to older specs. How CDs work is ancient tech. The great thing about the guy who write it is he doesn’t fall for the daft “Reactive Development” ideas of always releasing betas that are never finished, but are full of pointlessly rebuilt interfaces.

EAC is a solid tool that works well. Why fix what isn’t broken? :slight_smile:

As to adverts @Llama_lover - get yourself the Ublock Origin plugin for that browser. Don’t suffer those flashing banners any more.


This. I think in general the development of CD related tools has slowed down, as a) the technology is loosing relevance and b) for well established tools there isn’t much to add anymore. And you can say a lot about Microsoft, but one thing they do quite well is providing a stable basis for software, so older software often keeps running for a long time without too much maintenance needed by the developers.


Exact Audio Copy v1.5 released


I’ve tried the new EAC with MB plug in. I was disappointed to see that the MB CD match did not display the handy release choices found when using Cue. Maybe it will improve with time and use :frowning_face:. Pulling up CA with the MB plug in is also tedious. Of course I might be doing something wrong. Time will tell.


Well, in choosing MB for the metadata source, everything seems to process properly until the end. At the finish of the last track, EAC seems to be searching for something or it is entering a loop of some sort. To end the process I have to log off my computer. After logging back on, the release has been transferred to the proper folder. I’ll try to get on the forum for EAC to report this problem. It happens on Win 7 & 10. No problems if I use Cuetools.