Duplicate tag values and insertion of lowercase tag names

I have this automatic script:


When those tags are not present, everything works fine. When they are , i.e. I reopen album in Picard later to fix some tags and I get above tags doubled as lower case along with original case:


Picard alone added the lower case lettered tags which are not present in the metadata. Here is the screenshot of the Foobar2k song properties:

If I don’t remove older tags they are merged by Picard:


This looks like a Picard bug to me, not sure what else it could be?

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Have you tried using lower case for your script?

(I suspect that Picard is simply defaulting to lower case for the old tags and you then create new upper-case versions.)

Yeah, that fixes it, tags are again in the result uppercase and there are no lowercase variants.

This weird behavior should be fixed anyway, unless I am mistaken about something crucial. I see now that Foobar converts lowercase tag names to uppercase on save, so maybe its that custom tags MUST be uppercase. But even so, behavior is IMO not correct - I shouldn’t get lowercased tags then anyway.

Picard scripting is case-sensitive, and in general, you have to handle MP3 differently from M4A differently from FLAC/Vorbis, which requires lots of branches in your tagger scripts.



@yindesu So you say its not a bug ? :slight_smile: If its case sensitve, why is it listing lowercased tags which I didn’t specify anywhere?

BTW, I have only mp3 and flac and behavior is the same on both.

  1. For standard Picard fields, you need to use the “Internal Name” defined here: Appendix B: Tag Mapping — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation - remember that Picard is case-sensitive.
  2. For proprietary MP3 (TXXX) fields, you need to use ALL CAPS.
  3. For proprietary FLAC fields, you need to use all lowercase.