Duplicate-not-duplicate releases

I found these two releases that are pretty obvious content duplicates, though they’re different releases and release groups by name and artwork. What’s the appropriate way to note this?


The release groups should be merged, IMO. They are the same. There are many examples of different names of releases being under one release group if the track listing is identical. A famous example is maybe Merry Christmas / White Christmas by Bing Crosby. There are also plenty of releases called different things in different countries. You can add an alias to the release group of the name not used.


There’s crazy data all over the internet for these, or this, whatever it is… I’m backing away slowly.


If we’re sure they’re the same (mind for example tracks 5 and 11 show a big time difference but it might be crap data) then the recordings should be merged. I’m not sure I’d merge the release groups though if they’re not actually intended to be the same conceptually (which they probably aren’t given they’re on different series)?