Duplicate listens when using ListenBrainz player

I’ve been here for a couple of months now - logging listens. I’ve linked my Spotify account to my ListenBrainz account. A little while ago I saved one of the generated “Created for you” playlists to Spotify and listened to it and it worked well - the listens were logged. More recently I listened to a new “Created for you” playlist using the built-in ListenBrainz player, which used Spotify - and all the songs were recorded twice. It’s like both the ListenBrainz player and Spotify logged them??

Here’s a list to my history showing the duplicates:


I don’t know if that’s a “permalink” - it might not take you to the correct part of my history when I log more listens…

Edit - found this is a known issue. The Adding Data page says this about Spotify:

If you opt into our automatic Spotify import, you may notice duplications in the last 50 listens on Spotify.This is a temporary issue while we find better ways to deduplicate listens.

I searched here before posting - honest…


Haha, I actually logged into this forum to talk about a similar issue I stumbled upon. I am not entirely sure if this is also addressed by the “Adding Data page”, but here is what I did:

  1. Allowed ListenBrainz to scrobble directly from Spotify, so I can scrobble from my many spotify instances (I have it running as a desktop app on my PC, as a mobile app on my Android phone and as a built-in app on my AVR in the living room).
  2. Add the ListenBrainz android app to my phone, to be able to scrobble from music players on my phone (I use Musicolet for music files on the device, and the Bandcamp app next to Spotify).

Today I found all my scrobbles from last night doubled in my list. My suspicion was that both, the spotify app (due to the API token) and the ListenBrainz app added the scrobbles each. So I checked the app and even found that I can (de-)activate separate apps on the device in the “Settings > Listening apps” section. And Spotify even has an (i)-Part saying “Spotify is already linked to ListenBrainz”.

So I deactivated it in the ListenBrainz app, and this has rid the problem.

That’s why I thought I’d share this info here. I don’t remember activating the “Listening apps” in the ListenBrainz app, so I guess as a default setting all are activated, which is fine if you don’t activate Spotify explicitely. But if you have similar setup like me, you’d want the ListenBrainz app with deactivated Spotify. Might be that these double scrobbles are also detected by ListenBrainz and removed automatically later - but better be safe then sorry :wink:


Hi @gtdvkudc !
Are you using the website or the mobile app?
If you’re on the app, as @pygospa mentioned you can change the settings to not submit Spotify listens from the app.

If you’re on the website, there has been a recent change in the Spotify player which previously did not register tracks you listened to from the website player.
We had a piece of code there specifically to submit tracks so as not to lose the listening history.
Now that it’s been fixed I’ll get that code removed asap


It was the web player.

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I’ve created a fix, awaiting for it to be merged and deployed.


I forgot to mention it, but the fix is now live.
Please do let me know if you are still seeing issues with duplicates!