Duplicate listens after importing from lastfm

I imported my extensive scrobbling history from last.fm to give Listenbrainz a try and after a couple weeks I decided to fully switch over my music players. To fill in my listens since the first import, I ran the import process again. I didn’t choose to reset the import timestamp, but the import process seemed to go through my entire history a second time. After that, I seem to have some duplicate listens in my history. Not for every song, but many songs have two listens with the same timestamp.

What would be the best way to correct this? I have still been recording to lastfm, so I could delete my entire history and re-import if that’s the best way to deal with this. Just thought I’d ask for help here first before trying something rash :sweat_smile:. It’s been this way for a couple months now—I figured first I’d wait and see if some de-duplicating process took care of it.

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You can of course manually remove listens, but I’m assuming there are far too many duplicates to make this a pleasant option. I would, like you said, just remove it all and re-import. I’ve done this myself when I migrated from Last.fm. Just don’t remove your last.fm until you’re completely satisfied with the import on Listenbrainz.

Note that after a re-import it can take some time for your stats page to update properly. Let’s say you have 100k listens, you delete the 100k, you re-import 100k listens, then for the first week or so your stats page shows you have 200k listens, but you shouldn’t worry about it since it fixes itself after a little while.


More info here on that ListenBrainz Data Update Intervals — ListenBrainz 0.1.0 documentation

Removing deleted listens from stats
On the 2nd and 16th of each month

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