Duplicate albums in Kodi

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Hello all. I am new to MB and i had to take a krash course in learning it. I have about 3500 songs sittin in artins folders =albums=tracks. on my NAS in a music share… Last week i started to see duplicate albums in kodi. I investigated and compared the KODI output with my records on my NAS. I posted a similar post on the kodi forum and they suggested (and guided me) on how to use musicbrainz (mb).So i spent all of this week 42 hours to be precise in retagging all my music with MB.

All my greatest hits, albums MB identified them ad being from the Bee Gees. Hence I deleted all these albums. All the others i ran through MB some I clustered others mb identified correctly . some i had to scan. every time i was happy with the results i saved the results on a seperate a musicbrainz share on my nas.

Once i was happy with the saved results I moved the folder to a development share.I loaded into KODI the development share as my music source. All was fine then I started to reload from CD my the music i previously deleted, The first CD was for the ban d America. I ran these files through MB and clustered them and tagged them. when I go to load then into KODI and I go to their artist view I look at the artis i just uploaded and i see 2 albums one with album cover one without with the same list of songs (and I can play the songs from both albums)

I look at the mymusic72 db in kodi and I see 2 records with the for the same album. the only difference is that the albumid is different.

My question to you is how can this happen with the correct tag.? or am doing something incorrectly

Thank you for your time and response

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Fellow KODI user here.

If you have album that is trouble in KODI, move it out of the source folder completely. Hide it from KODI so it cannot be seen. (stick it on the desktop for now)

Next, go into KODI Settings \ Media Settings \ Library \ MUSIC LIBRARY and do a CLEAN LIBRARY.

This should then remove the old references to the album out of KODI’s database. Have a check under Artists and it should be gone.

Now move your album back into the normal music folder and do a fresh scan with KODI. It should cleanly read the new tags now without getting mixed up with the old one.

What I think you may be seeing is KODI scanned the album without MBID tags and added it to the database. You then tagged it correctly with Picard. Now the second time it has been scanned by KODI it has been identified as a “different” album and added back into the database.


Hello Thank you for your input I resolves most of my issues by retaging 597 albums. Now Kodi works well .

As i was tagging my library I noticed that in many, Once I selected the album I wanted to tagg MB moved automatically identified the album and suggested the tagged album in the right column.

THis is fine for most files. However in for 27 Greatest Hits albums on which MB performed this function It tagged them and put them in the right column as an album from the bee gees. I deleted the album from my server and re ripped it again and passed it again through MB and MB tagged it correctly.

It would have been better I MB did not move automatically the files to the proposed album But would leave them in the center column and we would then have the opportunity to scan the files and MB would then have recognised the correct album and artist.

I would like to post this in a more suitable thread. I will search for one

Cheers and thank yhou once again

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Excellent, glad you fixed your KODI konfusions. Now all the tracks have proper MBIDs KODI can do so much more with them.