how do i get rid of the duplicate songs in ubuntu 20

i saw this A script that removes duplicates from a tag?
but it doesnt make sense to me

please let me know if there is a easy way or anything ill do whatever to get these songs off my pc with musicbrainz

From the Introduction section of the Picard User Guide, “Picard cannot… …automatically identify and remove all duplicate music files in your collection.

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but in that link i posted that guy was able to do it

He was removing duplicate genre tags, not actual music files. Perhaps I misunderstood, but I believe that you’re looking for a way to automatically remove duplicate files.

For more information, have a look at:

There are dedicated dedupe utilities. DupeGuru is one I’ve used a bit. It seems to work OK.

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Music players, including iTunes and MusicBee, also have ways to identify duplicates for easy removal.

Take a look at beets.io and the Duplicates plugin.

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