.dts.wav files

MB doesn’t seem to work on dts files.
Or, most likely, that i’m doing something wrong.

MB will not scan and doesn’t show artwork at all.
When i enter data it will not save it.


Wave files are not well supported.
You will have better results converting these files to flac or another lossless file format.

That will be a problem, they are dts files for my surround setup.
For instance Dire Straits - Love over gold.dts.wav

Have you tried using MP3TAG from MP3TAG.de? I am pretty sure that supports wav file tags.

You could then combine that with a MusicBrainz script attached to MP3TAG.

I have not tried this - but give this a read: https://community.mp3tag.de/t/musicbrainz-ids/13634/6

Personally I use both Picard and MP3TAG. Both good programs, but with a different aim.

Thanx for trying to help me out.
Unfortunately i work wuth Mac OS X so this Windows program isnt going to help me, or maybe i can use
Wineskin to run this program on my Mac.


Yep - they suggest using Wine on the site.

Though I generally stick to Beer when tagging…:beer:

Yep, this seems to be working, apart from my files being deleted after pressing the wrong " delete" button. :rage:
There are two buttons, one will remove the files from the list, the other one will remove the files to the trash.
But no worries, i had recycle installed on my NAS.

thabx for the help.