DSF tracks tags are not saved

Hi Guys!

2 days already trying to work it out, but the tracks simply don’t want to be tagged and saved.
I take files (DSF) and put them into Picard, cluster them, identify and match the files with tracks in the right pane. The tracks are identified by Picard, but nevertheless when I tap the button Save I get what you see on the screenshot.

I noticed that the the only red line in Tags is Length.
I checked the “Read only” option in the files properties, turned off.

I am a minute away from giving up all this journey :slight_smile: just tired.
Please could you help me if you know how to fix and simply save tags for my album.
Screenshot with red circles next to tracks and logs are attached.

Just in case someone may ask “How do I know that the tags re not saved” - when I tap “Close” button, Picard asks me if I really want to cancel because I will lose all the files opened. And of course I simply checked if the tracks are tagged on my player, but no.

I suspect that’s your problem. I don’t believe that Picard currently supports DSF files. See the FAQ Section of the documentation for more information.

EDIT: It also looks like there is an error message explaining the problem in the status bar at the bottom of the screen shot in your first message.

You can see that there was an error by the red icon in front of the file. To know what exactly happened after saving failed you should look at Help > View Debug / Error log and post any output there.

Since Picard 2.0 DSF is supported in general. I think we just forgot to update the supported formats in documentation.

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Sorry about my previous answer, I answered from my mobile and did not see that the screenshot you provided did already show the error log.

So in this case it seems the DSF files cannot be read by Picard or rather mutagen (the library Picard uses for reading / writing the metadata). Hard to say what is the cause for this, are you sure the files are actually DSF?

Could you provide one of those files so I can debug?

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I wrote DSF files - but they are DFF.
Sorry guys! Does it change anything?

What is the difference between DSD, DSF, DFF files?

DSF has the ability to hold metadata and DFF doesn’t, however, some players only read DFF files.

Yep, DFF is unsupported by Picard. It is a different file format. There is a small bug in Picard here, as it lists the .dff file extension as a valid file extension for DSF files, which leads to the situation that Picard tries to load the file but then fails. We’ll fix this, see https://github.com/metabrainz/picard/pull/1551

Of course this brings up the question whether DFF could be supported by Picard. I must say and don’t know anything about the DFF internals at the moment, but the link kellnerd posted above suggests that metadata is unsupported. Still it could be useful for Picard to support this anyway for renaming. Needs some research.

But from what I have read I would suggest to use DSF files instead if the software you use to play or otherwise handles these files supports it. The audio data is the same on DSF and DFF.

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I was about to suggest that the files might be DFF. I made that same mistake once while extracting from SACD ISO. They are sonically identical, but DFF cannot be tagged while DSF can. DSF can also only hold uncompressed DSD while DFF can also hold compressed DST. So your choice is between space and library use.

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Ok, got it. Thank you guys.
Have a nice weekend!

It is possible to (losslessly) convert between DFF and DSF.

This thread https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/21115-dff-to-dsf-conversion/ might help you.


So I had a look at that, and the DFF (or rather DSDIFF as it is officially called) file format is actually rather easy to implement. The lack of official tagging is not that bad, the format allows for easy extension and ID3 tags are supported by a couple of tools, e.g. MusicBee, foobar2000 with the SACD plugin and EZ CD Audio Converter.

I have prepared patches to support DSDIFF in mutagen, which is the tagging library used by Picard. Once it is supported there we will also add support for this in Picard. See the following ticket to track the progress.


Just pointing out that we have released Picard 2.4 (actually the 2.4.1 point release to fix some issues), which supports the DFF file format properly. Some details about this are in the release announcement:

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