Drums vs. drumset

I only really visit MusicBrainz and this forum so finding the IRC channels is a bit hit and miss. Trouble is I am trying to visit here to relax around my music hobby and get away from the computers. :smiley:

Thanks @Freso for the links. Have read those chunks now.

When the @FresoBot has been updated, I would think it would be useful if you can have a “targeted mode”. Something that allows a whole Artist - either Band or Single person - to be targeted for “correction”. This would then allow a swap from “Membranononophone” to “Drum Set (drums)” for Rock bands.

And if a bulk rename happens, the same bot can help undo those bands who have accidentally become “Drum Set (drums)” instead of “drum”.

Maybe have a thread dedicated to “Instrument Corrections”. Then an artist or band that is spotted as being heavily wrong can be corrected quicker. This would also cover the issue @hiccup mentioned above where “guitar family” has slid into an artist.

When looking at Nirvana saw lots of worryingly loose “bass” entries too. This would be again handy if we can say "For the Band “Nirvana” change all entries of “Bass” to “Bass Guitar”. (I did see previous discussions on this topic too)

Human eyes will always be superior to a bot. So Human Checks are needed. Humans requesting the corrections seem important to me. The human should always have the last say. :slight_smile: