Dragging to album = unmatched files

long time user of musicbrainz picard, have been out for awhile… i have done this for years but no longer works as expected:


  1. drag songs from ‘windows’ to left (auto scan, and manual scan)
  2. drag songs in right to proper album in right
    now they ‘pretty much’ ALL go to ‘unmatched files’ even though they were found in different albums
    when dragging from left to album on right, also unmatched files

all of my songs are originally named something like this: “.257572104315.flac” which was never a problem. (random numbers until ran through picard)

i use scan not lookup
way too many songs to drag each individual name to proper track

some settings:
automatically scan new files
ignore mbids
release relationship
acoustid good
matching threshold default 80,70,40

picard 1.3.2 & picard 1.4.0dev5(win…0029)
windows 10

The naming of the file doesn’t matter, important is the existing metadata as Picard uses that to match the file to the correct song. How is the existing metadata for your files?

If he’s using scan and not lookup I thought the existing metadata doesn’t matter?

@offhook, I’m afraid I don’t 100% understand what you’re doing. What exactly are you doing in Step 2?
Scan should automatically match things and move them from left to right if it finds a matching AcoustID in our database, then you just have to double check it, and hit save.

From what is in the original post he is dragging the files manually to the albums, and unless you drop it onto an exact track Picard will try to find the proper track on the album by comparing metadata.

Not sure how the scanning plays into this, if you use scan Picard will always match the files to a track. @offhook can you explain a bit more what you are doing?

no metadata at all. but this is the way ive always done it on for years, on new songs.

because even though the songs are from 1 album, they get placed in a bunch of different albums. so normally i would drag the wrong album (or track) to the proper album. i rarely had to drag the song to the specific track in the proper album, i just dragged it to the album name… but they 98 out of 100 went into ‘unmatched files’.

It sounds like this isn’t entirely unexpected, based on outsidecontext’s answer.
Perhaps as an intermediary step you could hit ‘save’ (adding some metadata to the tracks) even when they’re matched to the ‘wrong’ album, and then drop everything onto the right album, and then save for the final time. Because track names are filled in they should no longer drop into unmatched tracks. Worth a shot?

i get that idea. but again, it used to work as expected.

It is not unexpected, but obviously not very satisfying. I think Picard really should take the AcoustId for matches if it was already calculated, as this is probably the strongest indicator for matching tracks here.

That’s very interesting. You say you are a long time user, does this mean it worked for earlier versions if Picard maybe? Which version are you using? Maybe also try the current development release or if you are using that the stable version instead.

i used to do this method a lot, it doesn’t work anymore…’

  1. uncheck “automatically scan new files”
  2. drag 1 album (1 directory 100 songs) to picard (left or right doesnt matter)
  3. search for the album from the website and click green tagger
  4. drag left “unmatched files” into album on the right
  5. all the files go directly to “unmatched files” and get question marked…no scanning

again, this worked before. it does the same thing if “automatically scan new files” is on, (when i drag them to proper album they go directly to “unmatched files”

picard version and other info is in first post.

Sorry, missed the version information. But the “it worked before” part puzzles me. Did it work in earlier versions of Picard? What changed from “before” to now?

It worked in earlier versions prior to 1.3.2, (just dont remember what vers).
nothing changed on my end, doing the same thing and way i always did… again i could:

drop album in left.
picard finds the songs but in different albums.
if i select all or some on the diff album and drag to proper album, they all go to ‘unmatched’