Download song-writer(s) information

Any way to get Picard to fetch the song writer(s) information for a song? This is mostly for rock music. It did fill in a few songs with the song writer in the Composer column.

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whether Picard can fetch songwriting data depends on if that data is on MusicBrainz. if it’s not there, I don’t believe there’s a way for Picard to pick it up. this data is on work entities, that way we can link together different recordings of the same song

a couple examples might help

if you were to look up Who Are You by The Who, you’d get the details here that it was written by Pete Townshend, as you might expect. however…

if you were to look up Alright by The Guess Who, you wouldn’t get any songwriting data, as it’s missing from the database. that doesn’t mean the data isn’t out there to be found, (on Discogs, in this case)

Thanks. Also has good songwriter credits. An example:

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You’ll need to enable “Use track relationships” in order to get the writer information.

See also Metadata Options — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation


Thank you, just did it now. Should I then just highlight all the songs and press scan?

Usually recommended is Cluster + Lookup first, and Scan only if it does not find results.

But there are multiple ways to find and load the releases from MB into Picard, see