Doubts whether this is one or two separate releases groups

The band “Soda Stereo” released in 1997 two CDs with their last performance together as a band. “El último concierto A” and “El último concierto B”. When first released, these two CDs were sold separately. If you check discogs, you will see these are two different releases (with different catalog numbers even):Último-Concierto-AÚltimo-Concierto-B

Here in musicbrainz these two are joint into one single release group, and I don’t see them correctly organized either:

There is only one release group “El último concierto”:

This release group has (as of today), two releases:

IMHO this is not correct, but I am not sure what the correct way to do this would be. I see two options:

  1. Having only one release group and add to it both the A and B releases, even if they have completely different tracklists, except the DVD releases that have the whole set.

  2. Having two release groups, one for A and one for B. In that case, the DVD release wouldn’t necessarily fit to either of them.

Thanks for helping with this!


There should be separate release groups for A, for B, and for the DVD that combines both albums. I’d name the DVD release group “El último concierto” and add a disambiguation like “includes El último concierto A and B”, along with “includes” relationships linking the RGs for A and B.

See the “What should not be grouped together?” section at

  • A release which combines releases from several other release groups into one new release should be a separate release group. This includes box sets and “2 in 1” releases.
  • Series consisting of different volumes (typically released over a period of time) should have different release groups for each volume.