Double digit series numbers look like year descriptor

Anja en Johnny

Discogs Spine coverart and Style Guidelines combine to suggest a Release title of form A en J 66 as Release is #66 in a series
This looks too much like A en J performing in 1966.
Is A en J, 66 any better in your view?

With or without the comma, I can always see that as a date.
So IMO we could keep the title as printed, without comma.

But they choose this title this way, the MB entry is not more ambiguous than the package, anyway.

I don’t see the title as printed on the spine as well represented by A en J 66.
Anymore than I see L & P Playing With Fire as well representing a title on two lines, in different fonts.

If this is Standard Operating Proceedure then I’ll go along with it.
We are missing capturing important data clearly doing this.