Don't show me anything other than CD version

I have a CD collection, and when I import it into Picard, it defaults to a Vinyl release (or whatever the most incorrect release is), despite the fact that I have my preferred release media set to CD in the options.

Is it possible to choose only CD release and hide other options from right click > other versions menu?

I’m requesting an option similar to what we have with beets:

    media: ['CD', 'Enhanced CD', 'Copy Control CD', 'Blu-spec CD']
    ignored_media: ['Data CD', 'DVD', 'DVD-Video', 'Blu-ray', 'HD-DVD',
                    'VCD', 'SVCD', 'UMD', 'VHS', '7" Vinyl', '10" Vinyl', 'Cassette', '12" Vinyl']

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Options/Options… / Metadata / Preferred Releases

At the bottom there are a pair of windows which you can use to choose your “Preferred release formats”. Click to put these in the right hand column. The order of these is important, so put your 1st choice first etc. by dragging and dropping them into the order you want.

W should probably add the option to also add the types to an ignore list. Similar to how it is done for the CAA cover art types, where you can add types to a preferred and an ignore list separately.

Currently the types in the preferred list get a boost, but still another type might be selected if overall the metadata gives a better match for a different release.