Don't display songs already recognized


I put my music files in Picard and get the tags OK and the cover art attached.
Next time when I re-process my folders, I’d like an option to only display files where there’s something new.
Now I see many titles with “Name (1/12); 1 image”… there’s nothing new here. What I’d like to see only is files that look like “Name (1/10; 2*, 1 image)”.
These are marked with a star in the disc icon. Can I filter on these?


There is a Remove Perfect Albums, which will allow you to remove all perfectly matched albums from the list. I haven’t used it myself yet, but give it a try.


Thanks… looked for this also but no clue where I can find that. I’m afraid I need a little more guidance. Sorry.
(I’ve seen this is a plug-in and loaded it)


Basically same answer as I gave on this thread (just the menu e try is named differently):


I have no Plugins option in my right-click…


Is there nobody who can help me here?


Which version of Picard are you using ? on which platform ?

Plugins can be installed and enabled from Options > Plugins dialog, at least for recent versions.


Win10/64 - v2.04. I believe I noticed where I went wrong… one should not only “Install” the plugin but add a checkmark in front as well… I wasn’t expecting that. My mistake, sorry.


In current dev version, we have tried to make it more obvious, don’t be sorry, this checkbox isn’t obvious at all :wink: