Don't add Music Brainz release tags

Hi, I notice that after clustering a CD, Picard tries to add tags such as MusicBrainz Artist ID, Recording ID, … Is there an option to disable this and limit to the usual tags (album title, year, …) ?

( For my use case I don’t need a full collection to be aligned, just specific CD’s. Therefore I find it to be of little use to add these tags )

As far as Im aware you can not disable them.
they are used by Picard to help find the album info next time you add the album to Picard and are there so you can find out where the info came from

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If you really don’t want them, add a script like this in Options > Scripting:


But I would strongly advise you to keep at least the musicbrainz_albumid and musicbrainz_recordingid tags. Those are used by Picard to remember against which release and recording your files got matched. If you load files with these tags into Picard, Picard will automatically load the corresponding release. That allows you to easily retag your files without doing all the matching and checking again. E.g. you get updated tags or can easily change your naming scheme if you want to re-organize your already tagged music collection.

IMHO the benefit of having these tags set is far bigger then to worry about a few bytes of extra storage.


Maybe it is worth to note that MusicBrainz doesn’t track anyone with such IDs. There is no statistic about which user own which album or track.

This is a big difference to music providers like Amazon or iTunes.


Thank, i will keep the id’s you are mentioning. It works fine!