Donations in euro broken

I just tried to donate to metabrainz in euro with paypal from the main donation page - without much success. As soon as change the currency selection and click the paypal button I am forwarded to a blank paypal page telling me ‘Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.’ with url[REMOVED]&code=GENERIC_ERROR&mfid=[REMOVED]

The problem seems to be directly tied to the currency selection. Other combinations of all available fields don’t seem to have any impact on the behavior. I tested this with firefox 124.0.1 and chromium 120.0.6099.71 with relevant addons like adblock or vpn disabled.

It’s not a deal breaker since you can still donate in US or use a different payment provider, but it can still be annoying or confusing, and potentially prevent people from donating (I know it almost prevented me before I tried different settings on a hunch).




I can confirm the issue (using the same browser).

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Sorry for this – yes PayPal blocked our EU account and we’ve not been able to recover it with their horrendous customer service. I’ve updated the webpage to allow EUR donations into our USD account, which only impacts me when reconciling our quarterly accounting.

You should be good to go now – and thanks in advance for your donation!