Doesn't move all music files on save

Loving this program so far except for one thing. It’s not moving the files with the little music note icons. No matter what I’ve tried. So I’ll end up with folders in the destination directory with missing tracks. I even used just a plain old * in the move other files section and it still won’t bring them along. This is driving me nuts, what can I do? Thanks

The picture at link below

I think it’s not moving them because it’s not saving anything to the tags on those files. So how can I get the software to move them too? Thanks

Also how can I enable more than 4 simultaneous fpcalc.exe when running the program?

If you can’t answer question two don’t worry about it, the priority is the file move.

[quote=“blazed7, post:2, topic:188424”]
I think it’s not moving them because it’s not saving anything to the tags on those files.[/quote]

Actually it’s not saving those files because there are no files to save.
The little music note means that the track exists in our database, but you haven’t matched any local files to it. So either you don’t have the files in question, or they’re still hanging out in the left hand side of Picard (haven’t been matched yet) or they’ve been matched to a different release/track in the right hand side.
Does that make sense?

As a side note, make sure you cluster before using lookup, it’ll help keep your files together :slight_smile:

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ahhh I see what’s going on. All the files are there, these are perfect albums with log and cue. I see some of the tracks are being matched to different releases like you said and I just have to move them over. I’m using the acoustid method since it seems to find more and is significantly faster. Isn’t there a way to just make the software assume that each folder is good to go and group the items that way? Then if there is something wrong it can let us know. If I load a single folder at a time it matches perfect. But there’s far too many albums to do it one at a time.

Not that I know of sorry!

But if you have decent existing tags though, cluster + lookup should do a good job for you.
AcoustID specifically ignores existing tags and you’re going to have to do a bit of manual shuffling around because of VA releases etc. I would mainly use it when I have bad/no existing tags.
If you can use cluster + lookup you should be able to do multiple albums at once no problem.

On the other hand if you have log + cue and know exactly what version your tracks are from, feel free to scan and then submit AcoustID’s if they’re missing, it helps everyone out a lot! But only if you’re sure where they’re from.

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ahh you’re right, cluster plus lookup is much faster. Thanks man for all the help.