Does it make sense to create separate editions for audiobook CDs distributed with the printed book?

I have several printed books that come with a CD of someone reading the text and I was wondering if such CDs should be added to the database as a separate edition. I generally think they should, but given the fact these CDs weren’t sold separately, I don’t know if it’s correct to do that?

We have no final decision about this subject yet.
My personal opinion is: Let’s keep audio and printed works keep seperated. Recordings will be added to MB and printed works to BB, they can easily be crosslinked.
We would have thousands of dupes in both dbs, otherwise.
Think about another example. Many poems have been made into songs. But we won’t add this song-poem to BB. we add printed song texts to BB and the songs itself to MB. I think this is the best way.

Your book + CD contains both, the printed and the audio version. It should be added to both dbs.and be linked.


Thanks. This seems like the best option.

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I’d imagine there would be duplication between BookBrainz and MusicBrainz in terms of audiobooks, as (in my opinion) they’re within both scopes (note how there’s an audiobook type on BookBrainz). I’ve done this with both audiobooks in my collection, for example: Fallout Equestria: The Voice of Littlepip (Edition) – BookBrainz

I don’t know how you’d enter a combination audiobook + book on either tho, so I think as long as they’re linked to each other and well annotated on both databases, that should be fine for now

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It would be useful in this case if there were the option to add two or more books into one edition, so I could include the CDs. I also think it would be useful when books come bundled together, i.e. two or more comic issues wrapped together in cellophane and sold under one price etc.

or a boxed set~ this would be a good feature to have, maybe some sort of “mediums” system like MusicBrainz has, but instead of having intermediate tracks and recordings, each one would be attached to a work

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This is a very good idea actually!

We don’t really have a way to represent the book/audiobook set here at the moment, but the book definitely belongs here, and you can explain that it comes with an audiobook in the annotation. I don’t think we can do better than that currently.

The “where do audiobooks belong” related question has come up multiple times, and I’m of too minds about it. I used to think MB is for music, but increasingly I feel we need to think of MB as AudioBrainz, not so much MusicBrainz, and audiobooks have audio properties (tracks, optical support, audio formats, acoustIDs…) not written work properties; we can’t support them properly here. So, lately I tend to think audiobooks belong on MB, and we should connect them to the BB work/edition through a relationship instead.