Documentation and edge cases

Looking at a bigger picture around documentation:
Maybe making it explicit to new editors ( and somehow unavoidable) that documentation covers the common cases and that about ? 1% of cases are noncommon and (by design) lack documentation. And that the way to proceed with a noncommon case is to do a short 5 minutes forum search and then if needed ask on the forums.

Advantages of this approach: limit time that new users have to get frustrated, keep them succeeding and enjoying editing MB, get new users exposed to the friendly helpful knowledgeable resource that the forum is, get max benefit for the db from tnew user editing time, give experienced assistants on the forum happier new users to assist, … (and end hunger, poverty and wars. :wink: ).


Along with that, we should point out that there are often a lot of unwritten guidelines for certain things that are common enough to warrant a guideline but no one has taken the time to add to the docs.