Docker Search Index - "recording: Unable to get replication information"

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I’m running “sudo docker-compose run --rm indexer /home/search/” as documented at mb-dockr, and the output starts with “recording: Unable to get replication information” as below. Is it normal or something wrong? Replications done once a day. Latest search index run was almost two months ago.

Starting musicbrainz-docker_db_1 … done
Index Builder Started:23:33:06
recording: Unable to get replication information
tmp_artistcredit:Started at:23:33:06
tmp_artistcredit:Finished:26.0 secs
tmp_artistcredit:Created Indexes:7.0 secs
tmp_release :Started at:23:33:40

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This line also appears in the official MB Virtual Machine, even if the replication has been run successfully only a few minutes before:

If you see something like
Index Builder Finished:14:56:49
at the end of your script execution, everything should be fine.


Thanks much for replying. So it seems no problem with the message. Good to know that :slight_smile:

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