Do you mark songs you don't like as 'hated'?

Listenbrainz as both a ‘Loved’ and ‘Hated’ button which is really neat. But I hardly use the ‘Hated’ button.
If I don’t like a song,I don’t do anything. Is this what you do as well?


Normally I do exactly the same - nothing but there was one exception: the song Kim from Eminem. From my point of view the lyrics of this song are an abomination - simply horrible!

I do!

agree’d not hundreds of entries but thats fine, that is what i’d sort of expect :slight_smile:

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No, but I don’t mark songs as loved either. I used to do that back in the day on But after a while I noticed that I often disliked tracks that were on my loved-tracks-list. What happens is, you listen to an album and there’s a particular song that is the first that speaks to you. You love that song at that point in time. But over time, while the album grows on you and you listen to the songs more and more, the first one that you liked starts to bore you, sometimes to the point where you dislike it, while you start to love some others. The reverse is also possible, you can love songs you used to hate. So then you can keep changing the lists, or you can keep it as a list of songs that I loved or hated at a particular point in time. But personally I prefer to just not keep a list.

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All depends on your setup. Mine corresponds to how I’ve rated songs. On Spotify and MusicBee I have a playlist for everything I’ve rated 4.5 or 5 stars (out of 5), that’s stuff I love, so I mark that as a loved track on ListenBrainz. It only makes sense in my setup that anything rated 0.5 or 1 is stuff I hate.

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Some more context on what happens with this data:

  1. Right now we use hated track to post-process recommendations so that we never serve up tracks you hate. That use case is quite clear and easy. So, if you don’t want a track to ever appear in recommendations, click the hate button.
  2. Like tracks are currently not being used at all – the near term goal is to influence the data we feed into the collaborative filtering algorithm to express that a user loves/hates tracks, but we’re waiting on our mentors to get back to us on how to best do this. (Its not obvious how to do this – if you’re a collaborative filtering expert, let me know, we have questions!).

Once this settled down (everything is still in flux) we’ll document this as well.



You’ve got some good hate songs in there!
I mean “songs that I also hate”…

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I don’t use it much, twice apparently, one I just really hated, the other I may have pressed by accident? Need to listen to the song and check…

But as @rob says, I will probably start using it when I’m using LB playlists more. There’s this trap that playlists fall into (back when I last used them, which is days tbh) where it recommends songs the algorithm is sure I’ll like, because it’s super popular/related to what I listen to for some reason, but the playlist doesn’t know that I haven’t listened to it because I think it sux. And because I always skip it, the algorithm gets more and more certain that I just need to listen to this amazing song that I’ll definitely love and have somehow never played.

@Victini’s system is pretty cool, tying MB ratings into LB likes and dislikes. I wonder if some day we could have the function of pulling MB ratings in automatically, or using them for suggestions…

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This of course begs the creation of playlists for both the most liked recordings and the most hated recordings… What could possibly go wrong?

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You know I’ve been going on about making playlists that the algorithm thinks people will hate for ages! Don’t tease me!

Listening to playlists of music you’ll like is for cowards :joy: (joke)


Making this playlist isn’t very hard, actually. I should just go ahead and make it, so we can have a laugh. :slight_smile:


A global view of the “most hated songs” could be fun


hate is a strong word. Can’t we use dislike?

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FWIW, MusicBee uses “ban” as its classifier.

Isn’t that removing it completely? And based on some violation of rules?

I simply stop listening to it

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Depends on how you use it. I don’t use either Love or Ban on MusicBee myself, but I do use the loved/hated tracks on LB.

TL;DR: No, I don’t use the Hate button.

I click the button to “Love” tracks all the time since it means I can have a record of my favorite songs over time just in case I ever need it for something. (I export the JSON regularly)

I don’t use the “Hate” button because I don’t really “hate” music exactly? More like I just skip it. Like, I never get to know it well enough to hate it.

What’s a lot more common for me is artists that I stop listening to or feel gross about their music because they turn out to be abusive, racist, etc, etc, but I don’t “hate” their tracks on LB, I just stop listening to them. — (And whether I “hate” those songs can be a really complicated question, like there’s a specific album that USED to be one of my favorites of all time that would just make me feel sick to ever hear again because of a person involved with it but does that mean I hate the music? It doesn’t mean I hate that kind of music, it just means I hate that particular artist.)

There’s music I find annoying, I guess, but again, I just don’t listen to it… I don’t really like most 70s rock for instance with very few exceptions, but I’m not going to suffer through it just to click Hate on all the tracks :slight_smile: And I don’t necessarily “hate” 70s rock either, I just find it really grating and harsh, and it often has a lot of high frequency sounds that are piercing and unpleasant for me like being in a room with a CRT television, tend to find the lyrics unpleasant, and have some negative associations with it. Weirdly enough 70s pop and disco seems to be mixed in a way that isn’t as uncomfortable. A bit “softer” sounding. And I like a lot of metal, so it’s not like I’m averse to harsh music, it’s more the harsh way those rock records were mixed or something… I’ve noticed similar harshness on transfers of old 78RPM records on the Internet Archive that I would love to listen to but just find too painful, too, so I wonder if it’s something to do with the combination of the genre and the way it’s transferred to digital.


I also don’t really use the Hate button, partly because there’s very little music I don’t like, partly because when I do find a song I don’t like that much, I forget there’s a button for that… lol

I feel like if I do start using the playlists ListenBrainz generates, I might start using it to remove that one song that I listened to once and never again because it was terrible

that said, I wonder if a “soft hate” might be useful. say you don’t mind a track but you’re just tired of hearing it. you’d hit the button and it acts like a hated track for a period of time (say 3–6 months), but after that it’s as though you never hated it

(surely there’s a better wording than “soft hate”, but my brain no workey right now, lol… I’ll prolly make a ticket for it tho~)


I only mark a song as hated only if it shows up on my playlists compiled by the recommendation engine (daily/weekly jams, etc.). Otherwise, I share some of the sentiments of those who said they never or rarely use this option, namely that it’s not worth actively going after songs one might dislike.

While many of the songs which are currently on my ‘hated’ lists are ones that I actually have issues with, some others which also are (or used to be) there are songs that I don’t have an active dislike for, rather ones I got tired of getting them constantly recommended. In fact, I very much like the suggestion of @UltimateRiff for a “soft hate” option, so that I don’t have to revisit my hated list to see if a song is worth removing.