Do you know this portal? (

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Huge database. Maybe bigger than Discogs.


While Discogs has numerous edition details, Allmusic is more a website of reviews.
Their release info is very approximate, it’s not their goal. :slight_smile:



Maybe this version will be useful to someone.

A site for which I have to pay for full and fast access? Or to disable my Adblocker to gain access at all?
Thanks, but no thank you.


What do you need AdBlocker for?

I use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge.

I’m not having that window with Ublock Origin.

AllMusic is a dreadful site.



You can get past that page by clicking on the text at the bottom - Continue to AllMusic.

Though I agree with everyone else on here - bit of a junk site with unreliable data.


But you can listen to 30-second song samples for free.

The only thing AllMusic is good for -
CD track times

*and I am not sure that even applies anymore

on a related note:
I am trying to remove some erroneous edits that were sourced by AllMusic.
If anyone wants to help click here.

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assuming it is the correct song you are listening to

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I find YouTube is a better source. They don’t seem to do much to stop copyright music being uploaded. And their adverts are easier to stop.

Seriously, you shouldn’t use internet without an ad blocker, it’s detrimental to your mental sanity. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And my ad blocker for real life is: not wearing my glasses. :see_no_evil:

And back on topic, this site is already in MB whitelist for URL relationships and linked to many release groups, as a source for interesting reviews.


I wear an aluminum foil beret to keep 5G from tracking me.



Used AllMusic years ago, like over a decade ago - less and less since.

I’m not sure what point OP is trying to make?

Also isnt this in the wrong category, and should be in General?


10 years ago, it was great. Then someone bought them and ruined it.

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If you’re editing in a area with lots of info available then you can afford to be critical of sites like Allmusic.
When in areas of scarse info then Allmusic has been very useful to me, providing high quality images, track performers and Artist details. And yes it can all be erroneous. But that goes for every source.


Allmusic doesn’t have Bryan Adams.


Wow. They probably merged him with Ryan Adams, lol.

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The truth is much dumber. Allmusic posted a bad review of some Bryan Adams record. Adams (or more likely, his publisher) threatened to sue if the review was not removed. Allmusic obliged by not only removing the review, but all traces of Bryan Adams content from the site. The only thing that remains are cover and karaoke albums.