Do we use the same guidelines for sort names as MB?

I just learned that the MusicBrainz guidelines for sort names are:
“The main artist sort name should be in [Latin script]”
Do we use this also in BB? The guidelines doesn’t say anything about that but of couse it would be nice to know how we handle this in BB.


Great point !
I don’t see any reason to deviate from the MusicBrainz guidelines.
As far as I understand it, the main use of the sort name is for the displaying order and searching for example for digital libraries.
Consequently it is mostly for use by computers and other automated systems, which usually use latin script.

I should amend the guidelines to be clearer on that point.

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Yes, and there’s where the problems begin :slight_smile:
Let’s take a Russian author as example: Юрий Павлович Казаков (English transliteration: Yury Kazakov)
If we change the sort name from Казаков, Юрий Павлович to Kazakov, Yury
we remove the Russian sort name and that’s the name that appears e.g. in the Russian Wiki: " Казаков, Юрий Павлович".
If the sort name has actually any important value for the db all sort names should be equally valued.
Removing the sort name of the primary language would contradict the necessity of sort names.

What we need is a display of the transliteration of the name in the search fields. When you are looking for Yury Kazakov it should appear as:
Юрий Павлович Казаков (Yury Kazakov)

We can use the sort name for this (MB style) or the UK (multiple language) alias for this purpose.

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