Do remixes/alternate versions of works with new identifiers necessitate new works?

This has been brought up a few times, but I don’t know if it’s ever been formally discussed.
If you pore through most any rights society database, you might find alternate versions of a work listed with separate identifiers from the original. Sometimes there are even differing credits (writers, publishers or both). Traditional MB wisdom dictates that remixes and most* alternate versions use the same works as the original, but this is too big an edge case to ignore. Theoretically we could add the alternate versions’ identifiers to the core work, but the only way to identify the source of said identifiers is via an annotation.

*Traditionally, the only exception to this is if the lyrics are modified.

I honestly think that they are there own work but connect the original work as well through relationships cause in japan its quite often where Kid Anime and Tokusatsu works get covered and they often have to get a new singer and Arranger to sing that song the reason why they do it I dont know but I do think it but I think there should be a way to distict each work possibly by saying what version for example I put in Mazinger Z Victor Record version as a annotation cause its sung and arranged by a diffrent person in this case Masato Shimon and Hiroshi Tsutsui instead of Ichiro Mizuki and Michiaki Watanabe although sometimes the work might be diffrent for example Nippon Columbias Version of Ultraman Taro actually has more words at the end of the music break but its more of a round instead of a new verse

By the time we have a separate ID for a remix or derived version, I personally think that we have enough to call it its own work, but I also tend to consider remixes more the product of the remixer than most people (briefly, I strongly disagree that they should still be listed under the original artist). Beyond that, how do you indicate a work relationship is remixed? Closest you can get is “cover recording of”, so splitting remixes to their own works is clearer from a data standpoint as well.

Not only lyrics, also when melody is altered : New work.
But no lyrics, instrumental version as well as tempo, rhythm style or arrangements are not melodic changes not lyrics change : Same work but just a recording version.

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(I thought of creating a new thread, but I have the exact same question as in the title, but no real answer for my specific problem)

The album GGP/RMX consists of significantly changed musical pieces from the previous studio album.
Some have ISWC entries for the remix with additional composers ← probably a new work
Some have ISWCs but only the original composers in a different order

Is this sufficient for a new work?
Some have no ISWC at all (I found none)
The release has only a credit for original composition…

Should I create new works for all¹? / only those with ISWC? / only those with ISWC and additional composers?

¹) All remixes are significantly altered and have little to do with the original recording, but I don’t want to invent composer credits :thinking:

EDIT: If anyone wants to listen to the example above:
original version →
808 State remix →
(you don’t have to like it :laughing:)

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