Do I have to move files or will the program do it?

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Had to format external hd due to corruption. Recovered some files.
Hoping that MB will move files into folders. it would be artist name, then sub folders containing album names
eg Bowie.David
station to station

I have added a folder to the program, pressed scan. Ì used the Cluster option. I can see in the program that track titles are in green. i pressed save thinking that tracks would be moved the way i wanted them. But nothing happened. I tried “move” too.


Files aren’t moved by default – you have to go through the Options->Options->File Naming menu and make sure that “Move files when saving” is enabled. In order to sort the files into the proper folders within your music library, “Rename files when saving” will also have to be enabled, but the default script in the box should create the hierarchy you want, so you probably won’t have to change anything there unless you want to.


Thank you.That helped.