Do different distribution codes justify creating new releases?

Please consider the following example:

The first one is linked to MusicBrainz entry, the second one only exists in Discogs. I have the second one in hand. The only difference between these two is a different distribution code in the back cover: the first one has WE 833, and mine has WE 835. Otherwise these two are exactly the same, down to the same CD matrix print.

I read the thread Alternate CD matrix/runout inscriptions: enough for a new release?, but it didn’t answer my question. Distribution code is not really a manufacturing detail, for me it’s more like legal text.

So I think I could either:

  1. Import the second release to MusicBrainz
  2. Just add the Discogs link of the second release to the already existing MusicBrainz entry.

Which option would be better in your opinion?


Different legal text is a different release, and so is this :slight_smile: Make sure to add an appropriate disambiguation!


Thanks for confirmation. I just wanted to make sure if my understanding of “legal text” is right or not. I imported the release from Discogs.

I’m trying to sort out my CD collection, and I must say I’m overwhelmed by the amount of different releases that differ in minute details…