DistroKid Labels

back again with another dumb question lol. but i have a question about labels.

it’s been documented that self-released albums where the label field is autofilled with the artist’s name should not be considered labels, and that makes sense. it’s also been said that the “12345678 Records DK” or whatever that distrokid automatically fills in are not labels, and that obviously makes sense as well.

here’s my question. with distrokid label accounts, you can fill in the label field however you want if you don’t want the Records DK autofill. one artist i follow does this, and he seems to use them to categorize his music a little bit. with this one and this one being “#magicstyle”, his / collaborations / with / spatial maufacture being “controlled substantial stuff”, another few that are grouped together under a label that’s a little too vulgar for me to say on this forum lol.

are these labels? on one hand, they’re definitely the artist just not wanting these autofilled with the distrokid label, but on the other, it is in the label field and it was intentionally put there.

would love to get some opinions about this. it’s been bothering me haha


My personal opinion is that no, they’re not labels. I would probably add them to the annotation and possibly use them as a folksonomy tag.


ooh, i didn’t think about using tags, that’s a good idea! thank you for the response :smiley:

im back here again. since the “labels” are used to group releases together, would it be acceptable to create release series for them?


I personally don’t see any issue with either a series or a label myself.

one way I’ve seen series used is as a way an artist or label categorizes a certain set of entities, so I think this would be a good fit~

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hii, back again! i’d like thoughts on this edit i just put in to test the waters on how to handle copyright relationships~