Distant family relationships

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Uje Brandelius sings (translated):

My most famous relative was called Harry Brandelius
He was a famous singer in the 40s

Well, that’s just for curiosity. Anyway, Wikipedia says that Harry is
Uje’s paternal grandfather’s brother. I think this is an interesting relationship and I would like to store it.

I’m pretty sure MusicBrainz has some kind of guideline about not adding non-creative people for a single relationship, but do you think this would be fine? The names of the relatives inbetween could probably be looked up somehow, but if they are unknown, what would be fitting names for the artists?

Family relationships

We generally allow adding people needed to tie up family relationships. (I added my mother, for this sole purpose, to be able to denote that René Sandberg is my maternal uncle.)

I would say to go ahead and add Uje’s parent and their parent and link with sibling relationship to Harry.


We can still create the inbetween parent as [undisclosed name] if necessary.


I’d rather have “[father/mother/parent of Artist Name]” or some such instead. Otherwise we can “quickly” get dozens of “[undisclosed names]”… :see_no_evil:


Yes, I was thinking something like that. I found Uje’s grandfather on Wikipedia, but nothing on his father. But then I realized…

My mother’s name is Ulla and my father’s name is Jerker
If you put the first letters in their names together
you get Uje
That’s why I’m called that

…from the same song :slight_smile: Thank you both!