Display of external links

saw a gsoc project regarding new functionality where musicbrainz developers want to create a new independent page to display links related to an entity. something like linktree(as far as i have understood).I’m interested in working on that feature. i know its too late to apply for gsoc so i want to know whats the best way to work on that project apart from gsoc ,how to get in touch with the developers working on this feature and possibly have a discussion so that i can get a clearer picture of what needs to be done and how. thanks.


If I’m not mistaken, I think you still have a few days until the cutoff date, 18 March? You would be at a disadvantage to those who started earlier, but if you’re eager and skilled (and have time right now) it might be worth going for :slight_smile:

This page has everything you need for getting started with MetaBrainz GSoC: Development/Summer of Code/Getting started - MusicBrainz Wiki

But, as you’ve noticed, you don’t have to be in GSoC to contribute! I think the getting started link above is a good place to start for general contributors as well - it will guide you to chatting with the devs on IRC, and what dev tools you should look at.

Then you can start picking up tickets on the ticket tracker - I recommend ones with the ‘good-first-bug’ tag.

This is the ticket for the link page, but you shouldn’t pick it up (yet), as someone might get it as a GSoC project:

thanks for the reply @aerozol i will surely look into the ticket tracker and if possible will post a proposal by today.