Discrepancies between releases of a compilation series

Recently bought a childhood favourite classical compilation - The Classic Experience - from musicMagpie, as well as volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the same series (for the princely sum of £3.53 for the 8 CDs!).

Whilst I was ripping them to FLAC and tagging them using Picard, I noticed that the first volume uses mainly just the last names for the composers (e.g. “Ravel”) whereas the second volume uses their full names (e.g. “Maurice Ravel”). Is there a reason for this, or do they need cleaning up? If so, which format is preferred?

The rule of thumb is to write it how it is written on the back cover / linear notes etc.
Is it written that way on the cd’s you have?

The back covers list the composers’ last names, with a few exceptions where it could refer to more than one composer (“J S Bach”, “Strauss”, “Strauss II” and “Richard Strauss”). However, each volume also has a booklet with each composer’s full name, a short bio and info about the piece.

Here’s an example from volume 1:

Back cover