Discourse tips and tricks

I’m still fairly new to Discourse myself, but I’ve already found some interesting things it can do, but I figure that other users may not have discovered. Similarly, other users may have found some hidden gem that I didn’t see yet or that other users may not have noticed, so this thread is to compile and discuss these findings! :smile:

  1. Pinging other users directly. E.g., @Freso will let @Freso know that he’s being mentioned.
  • This also works for some groups. Want to get the attention of the BookBrainz team? Ping @BookBrainz! Do use this sparingly though. Often, posting in their category will be enough.
  1. Link → Onebox; Works for some sites (e.g., Twitter) but not for others. It should work for our ticket tracker once we get around to updating it. Try posting e.g., “https://twitter.com/MetaBrainz/status/704745407159648258” on a line by itself and it’ll become this (this appear in the preview on your right when you’re writing a post, so go ahead and experiment!):


PS. Please keep feature requests and questions separate. This is only for sharing discoveries you have made. :slightly_smiling:


I’m letting you know I received the BookBrainz ping. :stuck_out_tongue:

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According to http://talk.solidsmack.com/t/discourse-tips-and-tricks/52 you can paste images from your clipboard directly into the editor, which could be useful when uploading many images.


There is a pencil icon on top‐right of edited posts.
By clicking it you can see its edit history of changes ! :heart_eyes_cat:

It’s only when you edit your post after people have read, liked or replied it.
You can test with this post as I have edited after some reads !

Another hint, cool post editor keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL+ENTER to submit post
  • CTRL+B for Bold
  • CTRL+I for Italic
  • CTRL+K for hyperlink

(I edited in place as there are no posts below yet) :wink: