Discog plugin request

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I’m a long time Picard user and have always followed Discog for genre and style tagging. From memory there use to be a discog plugin however it was only capable of pulling in genre tags because the style tag wasn’t at that time available in the API. This has now changed though and there are working tools that do just this, for example Discogstagger.
Sadly I don’t have programming skills but I’m hoping this may inspire someone out there to create a plugin that can pull in genre and style from Discog!
Would others out there like to see this too, perhaps we could contribute some $ towards the development of it.


I am not sure that $ will help as I am not aware of any Picard development that is paid for.

However if you want to contribute to the MetaBrainz Foundation as a thankyou, I am sure your donation would be welcomed.