DiscID of Copy Controlled CDs

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The style guide currently does not allow putting data tracks at the end that are not audio or video tracks. But I have three copy controlled CDs with two data tracks at the end that are invisible to CD drives. Not putting these two tracks in the tracklist prevents my DiscID from being uploaded. What should I do?

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you could always add them then add the DiscID then remove them. and you can ask support@metabrainz.org thay are always very helpful

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For copy controlled cd’s you need to add a data track as that is what the drm uses.


I have another problem. I’ve added data tracks to the end of my release but the attach CD TOC tool is not recognizing the data tracks as tracks. So an 18-track disc ID with two data tracks at the end (16+2) is only recognized as a medium with 16 tracks.


this link may help https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Unknown_and_untitled/Special_purpose_track_title#Data_tracks

The disc ID is not supposed to contain the trailing data tracks. So if the tool you are using is trying to submit a disc ID with 18 tracks this actually indicates a faulty disc ID calculation.

If the disc ID is correctly submitted with 16 tracks you should be able to attach it to the release you created.