Discid missing on my Ubuntu 16.04

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I’m a newbie with Picard and I want to work with music on a CD. I noticed that Lookup CD is greyed out. Help > About states that Discid is not installed. How do I get Discid installed on Ubuntu 16.04? BTW, I installed Picard using Flatpak.


You can search for packages in a terminal on the command line with "apt-cache search package-name"

$ apt-cache search discid
abcde - A Better CD Encoder - Programm zum Kodieren von CDs
cd-discid - CDDB-Programm zur Ermittlung der DiscID
python-libdiscid-doc - libdiscid binding for Python (documentation)
isrcsubmit - extract ISRCs from audio CDs and submit them to MusicBrainz
libdiscid-dev - library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs (development files)
libdiscid-doc - library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs (documentation)
libdiscid0 - library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
libmusicbrainz-discid-perl - Perl interface to the MusicBrainz libdiscid library
python-libdiscid - libdiscid binding for Python 2
python-libdiscid-dbg - libdiscid binding for Python (debug extension)
python3-libdiscid - libdiscid binding for Python 3
python3-libdiscid-dbg - libdiscid binding for Python 3 (debug extension)
python-cddb - Python-Schnittstelle für CD-IDs und FreeDB

You can get a full description with "apt-cache search package-name --full":

$ apt-cache search libdiscid0 --full
Package: libdiscid0
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: libs
Installed-Size: 48
Maintainer: Debian Multimedia Maintainers <pkg-multimedia-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture: amd64
Multi-Arch: same
Source: libdiscid
Version: 0.6.1-0~ppa10-1~ubuntu16.04.1
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14)
Suggests: libdiscid0-dbg (= 0.6.1-0~ppa10-1~ubuntu16.04.1)
Description-en: library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
 libdiscid is a library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs from audio CDs.
 It reads a CD's table of contents (TOC) and generates an identifier which
 can be used to lookup the CD at MusicBrainz (http://musicbrainz.org).
 Additionally, it provides a submission URL for adding the DiscID to the
Description-md5: 5344ed68feeead8556eb80f81eafd6f0

You can install with "sudo apt install package-name":

$sudo apt install libdiscid0


I don’t know about the Flatpak version, but it probably does not include libdiscid. Try installing Picard from PPA, this will use the libdiscid0 package as described above.


Thanks for your responses. I determined the problem was with the Flatpak, so I removed it and reinstalled using the PPA. Now it works.