If there is a title that goes before ‘Newbie’, I’m it.
Lots of talk on writing scripts but I don’t even know what to use to create a script. Notepad? Any ordinary text writer? How do you save it…in what format?
I’m standing right before I can attempt to learn what is in these pages.
How do I start…at the very beginning?

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Kia ora! (welcome)

Luckily we have some excellent Picard documentation. You can start here regarding scripts: Scripting — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation

What you will be doing depends on what you want to achieve! What are your goals for Picard/your music collection?

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Greetings Kia,
All I want to do is have the individual songs and artist name show up, somehow, in my music player. I use Resonic Player beta and my music is all 48000, 24-bit, in FLAC format.
Right now the files just have the artist name and album title…in its title. On compilations, they would be different, and for albums, the track names would be nice. Maybe the Resonic Pro version might make it easier, …or maybe I can just make a list of song titles and type them into one of the heading categories, like ‘Artist’.
There’s got to be a better way.

Have you started using Picard yet? That’s exactly what Picard does, semi-automates adding the metdata/tags that your player will read. No scripting required!

To start:

  • drag a backup/test copy of some albums/compilations into Picard (in their folders, ideally)
  • press ‘cluster’ > ‘lookup’
  • check that it’s adding the right data (select the albums that have been matched, see what’s being changed at the bottom)
  • if all OK, press ‘save’.

That’s the basic instructions anyway. Depending on the condition of your files and how messy/non-existent existing tags are, you might need to adjust how you work. Anyway, try that on some files,see how they do in your player, and report back!

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