Digital releases with the same live ETI on all tracks: keep it or no?

The title says it all. Most live releases you find on digital storefronts’streaming services have live ETI attached to all the tracks. It’s been debated whether this ETI should be carried over to MB or omitted; on the one hand, it seems redundant while on the other hand its removal may cause problems with some music players/services. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a discussion on this that I think it’s time to ask the community again: What should we do in this situation?


I say if it is on the release, preserve it.


If all the tracks, have it, I usually delete it, especially if it’s the same as the album name. But if it’s on compilations I usually keep it.


Case by case, I would say.

If the album is “Band: Live at Springfield” and every track includes the ETI (live at Springfield) then I would be fine with leaving that off.