Digital Release dates on Spotify

I spotted a new release and start merging it into the copy we already have. Please someone explain this to me(*):

(Newly added Release) :
(Newly added Release) : Pink Floyd - Home - Compilation by Pink Floyd | Spotify
(Current MB Version of that Release):
(Current MB Version of that Release): Pink Floyd - Home - Compilation by Pink Floyd | Spotify

Look at the copyright and release dates. In theory the “same” release on Spotify. Barcode match. Yet both have different made up release dates, contradicting copyright, and labels that don’t agree.

Check out the ReleaseGroup carefully cleaned up by @tigerman325

Note original release was October, then barcode changes for the November reissue. And yet it is this reissue barcode that Spotify now attaches to the current version but uses the older release date.

Merging this is now made harder due to not knowing which data to trust… I assume we default to the original combination of dates and labels?

(*) Maybe I don’t need this explaining. That’s just sarcasm. This is just flagging up an example of a shop that really does not care about accuracy of data. And it leads to a confusion of not knowing what to trust when handling these kinds of additions.