Different photocards within a release

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i’m wondering about releases that come with a set of photos inside, something particularly popular in k-pop releases. for an example, i’ll use the release of 1989 i own, because it’s what sparked the question. when you purchase this cd, it comes in a slipcase containing a pocket of 13 polaroid photos and a jewel case with the cd. the difference is, there are 5 different sets of photos, and you don’t know which set you got until you open the release. the photos are the only difference between the different versions, so, my copy has different photos than other people. should we add 4 more releases for the difference in photos? keep in mind, most of the cds in this rg come with polaroids, so the amount of releases would be extremely high.

(also note, discogs only has one release for this, but i know that is not always important to musicbrainz)


I’d go with the “single release” vote. And add lots of notes under the different sets of images. Mainly as the external packaging and music CD is all otherwise the same.

Otherwise this could become really complex if you got a random choice of photos in a release.


Same as IvanDobsky. Generally speaking I wouldn’t consider ‘randomized’ content a new release.

Same with releases where every issue is different - e.g. hand printed covers, random color vinyl etc.

But honestly, I think it’s up to you. If you want four different issues and you disambig them then go for it!


I’d say it should be a single release. I probably wouldn’t even bother with the polaroids. Just an annotation explaining that the release includes one of 5 different sets of them.


Fake Polaroid photos, then, because real instant photos are all unique. :crazy_face:

Well, we always do to what extent we want/can.

If you have time and confidence in what you know about it, you can create 5 releases with distinct disambiguation comments, like (limited edition, photo set A/B/C/D/E).

This is the ideal but you can also consider it’s enough to have 1 release that explains the situation in the annotation and if there are some CAA images of those postcards, try to tell from which photo set it is (A, B, C, D or E).
It will not be wrong.