Different Artists with the same name - disambiguation variable for file/folder naming?

I have Releases/Release Group by 3 different artists called Nelly. Am I going blind in the documentation, or is Artist Disambiguation data not exposed in the Script Editor?

As it stands I either have to have 3 unrelated artists under /Nelly tree, or make use of the musicbrainz_albumartistid variable to generate 3 unique folders, but which display nothing meaningful as to which particular Nelly I would be entering if I delve in to that folder.

Ideally I’d see
/Nelly (US rapper)
/Nelly (French hop hop)

rather than
/Nelly (811900b2-68fc-4d41-8bad-69b7a1f4d628)
/Nelly (c8c62ada-859e-4468-bc2f-9c1fc7605bdf)

Hopefully I am blind on this occasion, but multiple google efforts have failed to find it so far :frowning:

Unlike MBS-12170, this information is actually part of the webservice call, so it could be accessed with code changes.