Different artist credits for the same recording

Hi, we have a bit of a disagreement here: https://musicbrainz.org/edit/49335820

And since I’m the one who’s downvoted the edit, I promised to take the matters to the forums. It’s all explained in the comments, but long story short: Exactly the same recording gets released by Prince Royce and Shakira on their albums. It’s listed as Prince Royce & Shakira on his single, Prince Royce With Shakira on his album and finally Shakira feat. Prince Royce on her album.

I think that the recording should be credited as the first occurence, and respective tracks according to their own track listings.


To my knowledge that’s what the style guide says to do as well (if not, since it’s been a while since I last checked, that’s the general consensus).

Of course I didn’t bother to check that it was just one edit for the recording, with no additional ones for the track lists. So basically I should have upvoted it and not start a discussion in the first place. Bravo me.