Did i find a bug or am i doing something wrong?


While making some requests using my web browser to study the structure of json responses… i made the request below for what i believe should have been a BROWSE Event linked to resource Area (Los Angeles) including annotations aliases, and relations for everything… as i believe is valid described on the API page…


but the response (error) was unlike anything i usually get when making an errant request…
manifesting itself in the page as:

file error - main/500.tt: not found

Usually if there is a bad data, it return a message like, invalid inc parameter or xxx resource is not valid for xxx, or if there is nothing found then the count property 0 and an empty array of results…

some tech detail from the page if it helps:


We’re currently down for an update. If this still fails in a few hours, let us know and we’ll look into it further :slight_smile:




for more information. :slight_smile: (It seems like your original post was made just after the downtime tweet.)


yes, after several minutes i checked isitdownrightnow.com and confirmed as such… thanks


Hmm tomorrow brings 502 errors… Bad Gateway… Hope you guys are ok…


You have indeed found a bug. I’ve reported it here: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-9343