Did I enter this series of dj-mixes correctly

I started to play around with beets and found that it could not identify a few dj mixes. I tried adding them to MusicBrainz and came up with a few questions in the process.

In the documentation I have found a few pages describing how DJ mixes should be added, like for example the A State of Trance series. Unfortunately I did not find anything that perfectly described how to proceed in my situation:

I have a series of DJ mixes as part of the Angost1k Podcast series. I started by creating the series and adding the relation to the Agnost1k Recordings label. I then added the individual dj mixes as release groups and the relationship to the series as well. Is this the right way to do? The mixes were releasesd as a free download on SoundCloud or MixCloud and there is no physicial medium and no unmixed tracks like in the A State of Trance case. There may be tracklists for some or all of the mixes.

The label has since been rebooted and start a new series called Agnost1k New Era podcast. I could not find the original label website from which I download the earlier series as zip files.

The series in question is here: https://musicbrainz.org/series/973a006d-1416-49aa-b1ae-4e4bec6f4b71

Please let me know if this is the right way to do. I have quite a lot of livesets and dj mixes that are missing from MusicBrainz and I would be happy if I could share the metadata with the community.