Did i enter this dj-mix correctly?

here is the release

(& here’s the source soundcloud.com/spatial-manufacture-ltd/timekompression-mix)

this is the first ever dj-mix that ive tried to make sense of the tracklist for & im not convinced i did a good job. i know normally you use the dj-mixed relationship on the original recordings, right? but thats hard here because the majority of these songs are original to this dj mix. tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 14 & 15 are not found anywhere else, with 5, 7, 8, 9, and 13 being named remixes of released tracks, but the remixes are unreleased. only tracks 5 & 10 are available in that form, and even then they were never “released” (not yet, anyway). i think they’re both patreon exclusives.

there’s already a bootleg out with the split tracks (that i’m 100% certain are identical to the original release, nothing added or removed, just chopped up) that i’ve entered, and for the time being i linked the recordings from that bootleg to the original recording with a dj mix relationship. but i don’t know if that makes sense. should it be “compilation” instead? or should i delete those relationships completely and add dj-mix relationships between the original recording and the tracks that had other released recordings (bad at explaining, lol)? some combination of these?

what i’m thinking of doing is:

  1. changing the relationship between the split tracks and the original dj-mix to “compilation”
  2. adding “remix of” relationships between the split tracks and the tracks they’re remixes of (if applicable)

is that correct?

thank you all for your patience while i ask these silly questions

I’m still learning DJ-mixes myself, but I can maybe help a bit…

you’re correct at least on point 2.

honestly, I’m not 100% sure whether it’d be a compilation or a DJ-mix relationship… my gut tells me compilation, but I could see it either way because of how the description is written for the DJ-mix relationship:

therefore you might have relationships like:

“THEODORE BRUNO” is a DJ-mix of “(the original remix)”
“(the original remix)” is a remix of “(the original song)”

as I type that out, it seems a bit odd to relate them like that, but that might be the right way… just maybe don’t do what I did with Bassnectar’s Immersive Music Mixtape: Side One… or maybe do, like I said, I’m still learning DJ-mixes~ :wink:

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thank you for this! good to know i’m not alone in my uncertainty haha.

i slept on it and decided that most of these recordings will probably be released one day (it was announced that track 2 is releasing next week, actually) so, until that happens i’ll use a compilation relationship between the dj-mix and the split tracks, and then when many of the source recordings are released i’ll reevaluate. but then, how do i know the recordings havent been majorly altered between the dj-mix and the release… ack, i’m getting a headache, haha

thank you again for your second opinion, it is genuinely very helpful :- D

if the tracks have been altered in most any way, that means a new recording. the only exceptions I can think of are different masters/remasters (we handle those on release level) and a late/early fade-in or fade-out.

by definition then, the DJ-mixed recordings would be separate from the originals.

however, if they are somehow the same, no crossfade or transition between tracks, in that case it’d be the same recording.


oh yeah for sure : D