Deutsche Grammophon catalog destruction

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DG have a new website, and it is a poor substitute for what was there before.

Instead of the familiar RESTful URLs to find a release from its catalog number (ex: the release now has a words-plus-a-few-digits identifier (ex: which does not seem to be deterministic. So all our links into the catalog are broken and probably unfixable.

Moreover, even once you have found the entry you want, the information is much more limited. You still get the performers on each track, but not the date and place of recording or the engineers and producers.

Obviously the import-from-DG script no longer works.

At the time of writing, the Decca catalog, which to a large extent duplicates the DG one, still presents the old interface (ex: It would be therefore be possible to change the links from MBz to refer to the Decca catalogue instead, Who knows how long that will last though?



Shame, most record companies stop caring about their back catalogue as soon as a release runs out of print, and DG used to be an exception.

I can understand the need for a new and modern design, but FFS have their developers never heard of link rot? Don’t they understand that other websites linking to their releases could be good for business and that all those links are now dead? Why is almost everything run by idiots nowadays?


I’m in the middle of adding a 55 CD collection using the Decca website. It would probably never get done it the script stopped working. I’m thinking of submitting the direct Decca script result provisionally in order not to loose the data. any thoughts?


I would say go ahead, but add edit notes and an annotation to explain why the submissions may be incomplete.


Quite. It’s understandable that a screen-scraping script may be broken by an update. But to break all the links into your site, it’s just stupid.